Domestic Piranhas

~ Co-written by Mad Poetess [website]

Real life, in a world where things are a little bit sillier than normal, except when they aren't.

Warnings: The usual-- Under 18 not admitted. M/M slash. Men who love other men. With the occasional appearance of women who love other women, women who love men, men who love women, and men who have a love/hate relationship with green vegetables. Sexy talk, sexy scenes, actual sex.

OtherWarnings: Vampire luurve within. Occasional schmoopiness, occasional angst. Beware of the Piranhas. They bite. Especially Gomer.

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Kuzui Enterprises, and a host of other people who are not us own Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: the Series. We only play with the characters because we love them and because Joss doesn't let Spike and Xander snog in public -- and we're not even going to talk about what he did to Wes in Season 3.

The Stories

0.2 -- Good Humour ~ NC-17
Xander's hot. Stuff happens. Set before Xander moves into the Hyperion.
0.25 -- Bewildered ~ PG-13
Spike gets lost. Stuff happens. Sort of a prequel, by MP
1.0 -- Another Fine Mess ~ R
Xander and Spike get locked in the dark. Stuff happens.
1.25 -- Sticky Situations ~ PG-13
Spike looks for his sock. Stuff happens.
2.0 -- Reindeer Games ~ R
Spike and Xander sit on the couch. Stuff happens.
3.0 -- Toothpaste, or Why 24 hour Wal-Marts Are A Bad Idea ~ R
Xander and Spike go shopping. Stuff happens.
4.0 -- Me Xander, You Spike ~ R
Spike and Xander go to the movies. Stuff happens.
4.5 -- Not For Public Consumption ~ R
Wesley, Angel, and Gunn play in the pool. Morons happen.
5.0 -- Salad Days ~ NC-17
Spike asks Xander a question. Stuff happens.
-5.75 -- Fast Food Pearls by Tara Blue ~ PG-13
Domestic Piranhas fanfic! Angel gets his toenails painted. Stuff happens.
6.0 -- Why I Should Never Have Left England, By Rupert Giles ~ R
Giles, Wesley, and Xander get drunk. Stuff happens.
6.5 -- Consumer Affairs ~ NC-17
Angel, Gunn, and Wesley go shopping. Stuff happens.
7.0 -- Best Laid Plans of Spike and Men ~ R
Xander and Spike try to plan their honeymoon, so stuff can happen.
8.0 -- Wild Things ~ R
Spike and Xander get fitted for tuxes. Stuff happens.
8.5 -- Lost in Translation ~ R
Wesley gets pissed off. Stuff happens.
9.0 -- Bachelor Party ~ R
Xander and Spike throw, see title. Stuff happens.
10.0 -- Nice Day For A Wet Wedding ~ R
Spike and Xander have one. Stuff happens..
10.5 -- The Morning After ~ R
There has to be one, and Angel has it. Stuff happens.
-10.9 -- Queen of Hearts by Spiffy da WonderSheep ~ R
Various people guard the hot tub. Strip poker happens.
11.0 -- The Honeymooners ~ NC-17
Spike and Xander go to England. Stuff happens.
11.5 -- And Truth in Every Shepherd's Tongue ~ NC-17
Everyone goes to England. Stuff happens.
12.0 -- A Gauntlet With A Gift In It ~ NC-17
Xander redeems a gift certificate. Stuff happens.
12.25 -- Fishing ~ R
Xander teases Spike. Stuff happens.
12.5 -- Date Night 1 -- Gunn ~ NC-17
Date Night. Gunn calls it. Stuff happens.
12.572 -- Date Night 2 -- Angel ~ NC-17
Date Night. Bow ties are involved. Stuff happens.
12.9 -- Pixie Sticks ~ PG
Cordelia comes to work. Stuff happens.
13.0 -- Three Little Fishies -- The DP Livejournal(s) ~ R
Technology is dangerous in the wrong hands. Stuff happens.
14.0 -- Breakfast at Morrie's ~ PG-13
Spike and Xander go shopping. Again. Stuff happens.
14.25 -- Touched ~ PG
Gestures of affection between dork boys happens.

The Ephemera

Random flotsam, plus stories that don't entirely fit in the numbering system. Speaking of which, for the sake of all those 0 people with the burning desire to know what the hell we're on about when we number these:

Whole Numbers -- Piranhas story (Xander/Spike)
It could be argued that 'Why I Should Never Have Left England' is a Giles/Xan/Wes buddy-flick, but it still revolves around Xander/Spike issues. Aside from which... er... We don't have a category for secondary character stories. Yet.
.5 -- Piranhas-In-Law story (Angel/Wes/Gunn)
That doesn't necessarily mean the Piranha boys don't appear, just the story focuses on the trio.
.5xx -- Umm... It's a .5 that doesn't have a S/X story between it and the previous in-laws story, but it's not a missing adventure.
.25 -- Piranhas missing adventure
Spaces left for telling those exciting missing-years stories about... socks. And demon goo.
.75 -- Piranhas-In-Law missing adventure
.9 -- Secondary character stories
Negative Numbers -- Negaverse! (Domestic Piranhas fanfic)
Metafanfic. Is it canon? Um... We have canon? Wow. We'll get back to you on that one.

Now, on to the fun stuff:

Pensive (sic) by James ~ PG
An Early Interlude. Spike and Wes.
Afternoon Delight by James ~ PG-13
A Piranhas-In-Law ficlet.
Winter Wonderland by James ~ PG-13
A Spike/Xander interlude.
Cordelia - Early Days by James ~ PG
Cookie Husband Porn by James ~ R-ish
A Spike/Xander Interlude.
Fredful by Mad Poetess ~ PG
Just in case you wondered where she was. Set after 'Fishing.'
The Boyos' Grocery List
Comments from the Tank
The Adventures of Puppy Boy and Pointy Face by Deborah
The Further Adventures of Puppy Boy and Pointy Face by Deborah