Doctor Who/Torchwood

Doctor Who

Planted ~ Doc9/Rose/Jack (PG-13)
There are some things that just are. Jack is one of them. Ferns are another.
Newton's Laws ~ Doc9/Rose/Jack (PG-13)
Newton has laws. Smart people follow them.
Jack and the Princess ~ gen (PG)
Jack is like an ogre. He has layers.
Far Off Floating Cities ~ gen (PG)
An AU version of Jack's escape from Station Five. Crossover.


Taste and Memory ~ Jack Harkness/other Torchwood/Supernatural (PG)
Jack goes to a bar in Nebraska.
Brahm's Reveille ~ Jack/Doctor (PG15)
Jack doesn't sleep, but sometimes he dreams.
Comings and Goings ~ DiNozzo/Harkness/Scuito (PG)
Tony meets a man, then meets him again. Crossover with NCIS.
One Down, Twelve Hundred Million To Go ~ Jack/omc, Jack/Ianto (PG)
Jack wasn't always Jack Harkness.
Monogamy ~ Jack/Ianto (PG)
Jack flirts with monogamy. Only not.
Conversational Japanese, Plus Frogs ~ Jack/Ianto (PG13)
Ianto and Tosh are kidnapped. This is how they cope.
Torchwood One Archive ~ Jack/Ianto (PG-15)
Jack has returned to Torchwood and to Ianto. Ianto is determined to make the best of it but he knows it won't last forever. Their time together threatens to get even shorter when the Doctor shows up unexpectedly. Word Count: 11,500
When and Where You Are Not ~ (NC-17)
Prequel to Torchwood One Archive. Set while Jack is gone between S1 and S2, Ianto tries to cope. Ianto/OMC.
Ianto, Earl of Cardiff ~ Jack/Ianto (PG)
Uh. Aliens. Torchwood. Ianto backstory. Crackfic.
Another End to Summer ~ pre-slash Jack/Ianto (PG-13)
Ianto's place on the team begins to change after Cyberwoman, both professionally and personally. But he doesn't always understand how.
The Way to a Man's Cock is Through His Pants ~ Jack/Ianto (PG13)
There are ways to attract a man's attention.
Undercover ~ Jack/Ianto (G)
Gwen balks at being sent undercover.
Red Silk Dressed ~ Jack/Ianto (NC-17)
PWP. Jack, Ianto, crossdressing.
Temperature ~ gen (G)
Set pre-series, a few glimpses of each team member. Written for the "hot and cold" flashfic challenge.
Correction ~ Jack/Ianto (NC-17)
Written for kink-bingo. PWP. Warning: urethral sounding.
Without a Line ~ Jack/Ianto, Ianto/omc, Ianto/Lisa (NC-17)
Ianto has finally gotten himself hired at Torchwood Three. Now he has to balance Lisa, Captain Harkness, and himself.
Jack ex Machina ~ Jack/Ianto/dildo (NC-17)
PWP. Fucking machines. The title should maybe be Machina ex Ianto, but ah well. Too late.
White Sand That Melts into Spring ~ Jack/Ianto (PG-13)
Jack wants to play, now that Ianto has returned from a short trip. Then Torchwood happens. Written for a 'secret background' challenge.
Father Jones ~ Jack/Ianto (PG)
Ianto goes home to visit for the holidays. Crack. Ish.

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