Gratuitous Sex Scene for Shutting Doors II

I rolled over -- or at least as far as I could with a partial cast on my shoulder. We'd taken off the huge monstrous cast a week ago and replaced it with this lighter, smaller, monstrous cast. It gave me a little more freedom -- still couldn't move my arm at all, but at least I could sit up and lie down by myself now without overbalancing.

My leg was itching like mad. Don't ask me why my arm wasn't; I didn't want to think about it for fear it would start. I needed to find something I could shove down into the leg cast and rub the skin. Unfortunately Bruce had removed any such utensils from the room days ago. And here I thought he'd want to show some sympathy. Comfort, and all that. He's really got a lot to learn about this nuturing lover stuff. I leaned up and tried tugging at the skin.

"Stop that."

I looked up at Bruce. "Stop what? I'm just--"

"You're just trying to damage the skin, is all." He gave me that look like he wasn't amused. Yeah, so I knew that already. He's such a grinch when it comes to me not getting hurt. So why couldn't he realise that an unscratchable itch is torture?

I leaned back onto my pillows, and looked at him. "Bruce, can't we--"


"You don't even know what I was going to ask!" I started to grin. Bruce stayed where he was, barely four feet inside my doorway. I couldn't see his eyes clearly from here, but I think he was smiling.

"It doesn't matter. Everytime you get that tone of voice, you're about to ask me something I always say no to."

Yup, definitely smiling. "So maybe you should stop saying no! All I was going to say was--"

"No." He shook his head and took a step closer. What was he doing? Either come sit by me or keep hovering in the doorway like you used to. "Don't think about it."

"Huh?" Was he reading my mind or had I missed something?

"The leg. Don't think about it and it won't itch."

"Thanks, Bruce. Why don't we slap a cast on you and see how *you* like it."

"No, thanks." Still just standing there. He was beginning to make me nervous. Like he was up to something, but he wasn't *doing* anything.

"Bruce, what are you doing?" I never said I wasn't the direct type.

"Hm? Oh... wondering how you feel."

I leered. "Why don't you come over and feel me and see for yourself?"

I expected him to laugh and ask me about my shoulder. Just goes to show you you can't predict some people. He leered back, ever so slightly. Not with his face, really, but with his voice. Have I mentioned how I like his voice?

"Why don't I do that from here?"

His voice was so soft, tone dropped just a little like it does when he's Batman. I wriggled, hoping he'd get the hint and come closer.

"Do that again."

Oh, yeah... I wriggled again, glad the blankets were already kicked clear of the bed and he could see me. Granted I was still clothed but maybe, if this was gonna be what it sure sounded like, that would change soon. Lose a few clothes, gain a bedmate, and forget all about itching skin.

"Just like that." He sounded incredibly pleased. I felt myself vibrate. Do that again, my molecules screamed at him.

"Bruce... get over here," I pleaded. I wanted to touch him, feel the skin that went with that voice. Draw it nearer and rub myself against it.

"I think I'll stay where I am."

I raised an eyebrow -- everything else important was already raising. "You wanna watch?" Not something I expected from him. Maybe -- hopefully -- I was going to be wrong about Bruce's sexual proclivities.

He grinned briefly, "I don't want to break your casts." Then the grin vanished and was replaced by a man who wanted to ravage something. Someone. Me, oh please let him ravage me. "I thought I would give you something you asked me for."

"A Harley?" I reached down for the waistband of my sweats.


My hand froze.

"Not yet. Just lie there for now."

"Ok..." I didn't think I could. I mean, come on (er, pardon the pun) I was already hard, the thought of Bruce just standing there staring at me was enough to make me want to scream. I wanted to grab myself and rub, bring myself off with him watching, let him see me doing all the things to myself that I need him to do. Instead he makes me wait? For what?

"Close your eyes."

That I could do. Eyes closed, I waited. My right hand drifted near my erection, but I didn't touch it yet.

"Yes, like that." Oh gods, his voice. He was as aroused as I was. I could hear it in his voice -- the sound of it sharper with my eyes closed. Let me take that sound and rub it all over my body, please, let me...

"Don't remove your clothes. I want you to touch yourself, very lightly. Don't rub, just touch."

As I moved my hand I felt myself start to moan. His words had not been commanding, just instructions in a whisper. I lay my fingers on top of my erection and I felt myself twitch in response. I needed to do more, but I wanted to hear him more. Anything at all, just let him keep talking.

"I love how your hand fits there. What do you want, Dick? Do you want me to touch you?"

Oh gods yes. I moaned, felt my hips start to move.

"Do you want me to pull your pants down, touching your legs, tracing my fingers down the inside of your thigh?

I moaned again, moving my right leg out a bit. If he wanted access, I wasn't going to dissuade him.

"Do you want me to look at you when you're ready for me to take you? Do you want to see me watching, see how your chest rises and falls as you struggle to breathe, see how the muslces in your legs tighten and flex as they grab my waist? Watch your hands grab onto mine and pull me in as I lay myself between your legs and press myself against you?"

I was nearly screaming, moaning so loud and trying to get my hips to move up against my hand. I couldn't seem to control them, Bruce's voice entwining itself around me, filling me up like his cock does when he's inside me.

"Do you want me to touch you?"

"YES!" I suddenly realised he was beside me, his voice quiet and right against my ear. I turned my head and sought him, needed to taste him, wishing I had two free hands to drag him down to cover me.

"Do you want me to kiss you?"

His breath coated my lips. Straining, I tried to move towards them. He must have moved out of the way for I found nothing except his voice.

"Do you want to feel me holding you, my hands holding your head in place as I kiss you?"

I don't know exactly what sort of noises I was making. It had to be me, though, because I could still hear english coming from Bruce.

"Do you want me to taste you?"

My hips had found out that if they thrust up they'd hit my hand. I was practically bouncing, pushing myself against my hand, wishing desperately to shove the fabric out fo the way and grab myself properly.

"Please please let me..." I begged him, astounded that I could form coherent words. Or maybe I only hoped they were coherent.

"I'd rest one hand on your leg to hold you still." That voice was going to kill me. Can you come from sound alone? I was going to find out if he didn't touch me soon. "Would you prefer I touched just the tip, or took you in my mouth all at once? Do you want to feel my tongue or do you need to be sucked, hard? Gentle and slow or would you fuck my mouth as hard and fast as you could?"

I grabbed myself through the sweats, not even time to rub or anything just one quick grab and that voice and I screamed, coming like I was going to die. I felt the pillow beneath my head, felt every muscle in my body spasming, felt my lover's voice fucking me through the air. He must have kept talking because the sound continued to echo in my head, but I could not decipher the words.

All I know is as I came back down to earth I could still hear him, whispering sweet things that made me want to roll into his arms and fall asleep like a treasured bear. Did Bruce ever have a stuffed bear? He could have me if he wanted.

His next words were clear, and the "I love you," settled inside me as I drifted. Dimly I felt hands tugging at my waist, and something warm brushed against my stomach. Cleaning me up, I realised. I mumbled something, but even I don't know what I was trying to say.

He kissed me, and I reach up and grabbed onto him. "Murg uh wah."

"I have to go take a shower."

I felt myself grinning. "Then come back and sleep with me."

"Yes, Dick." He kissed me again but I was too gone already to kiss him back.

Hmmmm... I let myself fall deeper into the bed, and anticipated waking up with Bruce beside me. As my brain clicked off, I had time for one thought.

When had I told Bruce about this particular fantasy?

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