Batman and Robin Stories

After ~ Batman/Nightwing (NC-17)
A long hot shower is just what Dick needs. Later.
After Blackgate ~ Batman/Nightwing (PG)
A story set in the comics realm. Missing scene for Blackgate mini-shot.
Best Laid Plans (AKA I Do Know What I'm Talking About) ~ Batman/Nightwing (G)
Co-written with Wolfling. [website]
A story set in the comics realm. Proves that Tim Drake is the better detective since he knows what Bruce and Dick apparently don't. The trouble, of course, is convincing them he's right.
Dark and Stormy Day ~ Batman/Robin (PG)
An alternate ending for an episode of the Batman and Robin animated series.
Face the Day ~ Robin/Nightwing (PG-13)
Tim offers Dick some comfort following the recent events (through Nightwing issue #100).
Finale ~ Batman/Robin (G)
This was the absolutely last time.
Fly Away With Me ~ Dick Grayson/Clark Kent (R)
Clark interrupts Dick's vendetta with a question. And then some. Spoilers through issue #91 of Nightwing.
Night Has Fallen ~ Batman/Nightwing (PG)
A story set in the comics universe.
Outside Looking In ~ Dick/Bruce, Tim/Bruce (PG)
Vignette from Dick's point of view about his place in the world. Set in the comics universe.

Shutting Doors

Shutting Doors ~ Batman/Robin (NC-17)
Set after the movie Batman Forever, this is a story of love, angst, doubt, suspense, and acceptance.
Shutting Doors II ~ Batman/Robin (R)
Continues the Shutting Doors saga, filling in missing scenes for Batman and Robin and continuing afterwards.
Gratuitous Sex Scene for Shutting Doors II ~ Batman/Robin (NC-17)
What do you think "gratuitous" means?
Shutting Doors III ~ Batman/Robin (NC-17)
More angst, romance, and an actual crime.
Silent Passage ~ Batman/Robin (NC-17)
Dick faces some difficulties with his life and relationship with Bruce.

Shutting Doors Alternate Universe

Wherever You Stand A Hundred Shall Fall ~ Batman/Robin, Jim/Blair (NC-17)
The Batman/Sentinel crossover alluded to in Shutting Doors II. It takes place between Shutting Doors I and II. It describes how the four guys meet in Cascade.
Castoff ~ Batman/Robin, Jim/Blair (PG)
The sequel to Wherever You Stand. It deals with Dick and Bruce's break-up. Angst, happy ending, and no sex on-screen. It is also a Batman/Sentinel crossover.