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As of the May 10, 2010 update, my stories are being archived on my site at Archive of Our Own. This website will not be going down, but it is so much easier to upload stories to AO3 that duplicating my efforts hasn't been worth it. As you will note, I haven't updated my website since 5/10/10 and since then I have posted over twenty stories on AO3.

Not all of my older stories from this website will be archived on AO3, but all my new works will be found there.

The Wrapped Around Your Finger Job ~ Eliot/Parker/Alec Leverage
Someone from Eliot's past shows up, and if Alec doesn't stop flirting with her, Eliot is going to kill him. Rated PG. (05/10/10)
The Thorn in His Paw Job ~ Eliot/Nate Leverage
The team is stuck when a blizzard strikes. Which would be OK, except they get bored easily. And then Eliot's a cat. Rated PG. (05/10/10)
How to Seduce Your Geek ~ Eliot/Alec Leverage
There is a right way, a wrong way, and a geeky way. Rated PG. (05/10/10)
Piece of Tin ~ Ivan/OC Vorkosigan Saga
There are weddings everywhere, it seems, and as expected, everyone wants to know when Ivan is going to get married.. Rated PG. (05/10/10)
Father Jones ~ Jack/Ianto Torchwood
Ianto goes home to visit for the holidays. Rated PG. (05/10/10)
Terraform ~ Jensen/Jared Supernatural RPS
Jensen works for the Terraformation Department, monitoring a planet almost ready for settlement. Jared is a bartender new to the station, who decides to make Jensen his own personal project. Will he succeed, or is Jared hiding a more sinister purpose? And with Jensen's own secrets to hide, will it ultimately matter? Rated NC-17. (07/06/09)
White Sand That Melts into Spring ~ Jack/Ianto Torchwood
Jack wants to play, now that Ianto has returned from a short trip. Then Torchwood happens. Written for a 'secret background' challenge. Rated PG-13. (06/27/09)
Jack ex Machina ~ Jack/Ianto Torchwood
PWP. Fucking machine. Rated NC-17. (06/27/09)
Without a Line ~ Jack/Ianto, Ianto/omc Torchwood
Ianto has finally gotten himself hired at Torchwood Three. Now he has to balance Lisa, Captain Harkness, and himself. Rated NC-17. (06/27/09)
Correction ~ Jack/Ianto Torchwood
PWP. Urethral sounding. Porn. No plot. Rated NC-17. (06/27/09)
When and Where You Are Not ~ Ianto/omc Torchwood
Set before Torchwood One Archive. While Jack is gone, Ianto tries to cope. Rated NC-17. (06/27/09)
Red Silk Dressed ~ Jack/Ianto Torchwood
Ianto, Jack, crossdressing. Do you need additional plot? I don't think so. Rated NC-17. (06/27/09)
Temperature ~ gen Torchwood
Set pre-series, a few glimpses of each team member. Written for the "hot and cold" flashfic challenge. Rated G. (06/27/09)
Undercover ~ Jack/Ianto Torchwood
Gwen balks at being sent undercover. Rated G. (05/25/09)
The Way to a Man's Cock is Through His Pants ~ Jack/Ianto Torchwood
There are ways to attract a man's attention. Rated PG13. (05/11/09)
Torchwood One Archive ~ Jack/Ianto Torchwood
Jack has returned to Torchwood and to Ianto. Ianto is determined to make the best of it but he knows it won't last forever. Their time together threatens to get even shorter when the Doctor shows up unexpectedly. Word Count: 11,500 Rated PG-15. (05/10/09)
Another End to Summer ~ pre-slash Jack/Ianto Torchwood
Ianto's place on the team begins to change after Cyberwoman, both professionally and personally. But he doesn't always understand how. Rated PG-13. (05/06/09)
Ianto, Earl of Cardiff ~ Jack/Ianto Torchwood
Uh. Aliens. Torchwood. Ianto backstory. Crackfic. Rated PG. (05/06/09)
No Man Can Tether Time ~ gen Supernatural
Dean hunts alone. Pre-series. Rated PG. (04/18/09)
Strategic Responses ~ McKay/Zelenka Stargate Atlantis
Radek won't make coffee. Rated PG. (04/18/09)
One Good Friend Deserves Another ~ gen CSI: Vegas
Nick tries to pick up the pieces after the events of 'Stalker.'. Rated G. (04/18/09)
Far Off Floating Cities ~ gen Doctor Who
An AU version of Jack's escape from Station Five. Crossover Rated PG. (04/18/09)
Clockwork ~ Angel/Wesley Buffyverse
Wesley tries to fix things. Rated PG-13. (04/18/09)
Draft ~ Gibbs/DiNozzo NCIS
Jethro and Tony have, and have not. Rated PG. (04/18/09)
Conversational Japanese, Plus Frogs ~ Jack/Ianto Torchwood
Ianto and Toshiko are kidnapped. This is how they cope. Rated PG-13. (4/06/09)
Monogamy ~ Jack/Ianto Torchwood
Jack flirts with monogamy. Only not. Rated PG. (4/04/09)

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